We’re excited you’re here! Digital marketing is a technique of marketing which is based on internet and online to promote our products and services.  There are number of modes in digital marketing for promotion like social media, Search engine optimization, Content marketing, Paid advertisement, etc. Brand pixel has a team of experts for every aspect above. We provide best digital marketing services in Dadar, Mumbai.

Following are the steps which includes in Digital marketing

Strategy Planning

Every business should have a strategy for marketing of their business. Proper strategy helps in clear concise of what we have to do and accordingly can take further actions. Strategy planning includes Planning by approaching data to review your marketing effectiveness digitally, creating awareness using digital marketing techniques to drive visitors to your site, improving interactions on a website or social media to generate future leads, conversions using retargeting and conversion rate optimization to buy offline or online, engaging with existing customers by improving communication.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing or optimization is a way of promoting our products and services using social media platforms. It is one of the powerful means of marketing which is the most useful to drive customers and it is highly cost – effective. Brand Pixel manages each and every Social media site for your business and maintains it precisely. If you are looking for creative Social media marketing service in Mumbai, Then visit Brand Pixel.

Search Engine Optimization strategy

So, what is SEO?

SEO is nothing but a process in which your website is optimized in such a way to rank your website at top of Google Search Engine. Ranking depends on many aspects such as Quality, Quantity of your website it involves Website audit, Keywords & Competitor Analysis, On-page SEO, Off-page optimization, Link Audit & Building, Content Marketing and many more. Brand pixel works on optimizing your website, Analyze results and improvise for better results. It is one of the best Seo service providers in Mumbai. The team of experts here will optimize your website in a way to rank it at the top in Google.

On-page optimization is most important thing in search Engine Optimization. It should be perfect to get best SEO result. So we do not leave a single thing in on page such as meta titles, internal linking, meta tags & descriptions, h1, h2 tag, image alt tag etc.

PPC/ Google Ad words

PPC or Pay per click is a paid advertising where advertisers pay a fee for his ad each time it’s been clicked. Basically it’s a way of buying visits to your site, rather than making them visit organically. At Brand Pixel we provide knowledge about how much we spend and what is the ROI of the same. You will get the best Pay per click services for your business.

Email Marketing Company

Email is a mail which is done electronically; it’s the process of sending Commercial message to an individual or a group of people using email. When email used to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations it is said Email Marketing. To build loyalty, trust or brand awareness is the primary objective of email marketing, Brand pixel makes sure to keep this in mind and give their best.


Online Reputation Management

After promoting your business online one have to keep track on the progress and Return of investment of the same. Brand pixel provides the best Online reputation services in Mumbai. We give you time to time update your progress online and adjust our approach as you go along. You will experience a hassle-free Online reputation Management service at Brand Pixel. Visit us to improve your Brand Reputation.